1 Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a software connection that allows a computer which is physically outside the UPHS network to be logically within the network, giving you access to servers and resources that are internal to UPHS.

For all VPN support, please contact the UPHS IS Service Desk at https://uphsnet.uphs.upenn.edu/athenaselfservice or 215-662-7474

Duo Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) software is required for VPN use, and is available through the UPHS Network web page.

1.1 Login and Password

The VPN Account uses your UPHS login (user) name and password.

2 VPN Client Software and Configuration

2.1 Windows, Macintosh, iOS (iPhone, iPad)

The VPN software and instructions can be downloaded from the UPHS Network Access Downloads page.

2.2 Linux

1. After installing the Duo software (above), login to the web-based remote access portal (https://pennmedaccess.uphs.upenn.edu/)

2. Open in new tab within the same browser and download the Linux command-line client:

3. Once installed, you can run the VPN with: