The BRAin Image Database (BRAID) is a large-scale archive of normalized digital spatial and functional data with an analytical query mechanism. One of its many applications is the elucidation of brain structure-function relationships. BRAID stores spatially defined data from digital brain images which have been mapped into normalized Cartesian coordinates, allowing image data from large populations of patients to be combined and compared. The database also contains neurological data from each patient and a query mechanism that can perform statistical structure-function correlations.

Disclaimer Electronic atlases stored in the Brain Image Database are copyrighted by their respective authors, and may not be reproduced or electronically copied without permission. Use of these atlases and associated information is strictly limited for research purposes within the BRAID project.

Software for Bayesian lesion segmentation is available.
BRAID liveCD 1.0 (based on Ubuntu 8.1) is released.
BRAID source code 2.0 is released.