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Seed Grants

The Center for Biomedical Image Computing and Analytics (CBICA) will continue its seed grant program this year and will award 2 one-year seed grants, of $50,000 each, aiming to foster collaborative work among the center's faculty and their close collaborators, on projects relevant to the center's scope. Successful applications are expected to 1) demonstrate high potential for attracting external funding after their completion, 2) be collaborative between basic scientists and clinical researchers, and 3) have a strong emphasis on using advanced image computing to address a clinically important problem. Everything else being equal, junior investigators will be given preference (we don’t have percentiles to give the usual NIH young investigator advantage, so this is stated sort of informally here). At least one of the investigators should be a CBICA faculty member.

Please send all forms to Amanda Shacklett (

Important dates:

  • Monday, March 2 (by 10am): Deadline for submission
  • May 15: Announcement of awards
  • July 1: Award start date

Application documents:

2015 Awardees

Project name PI
Histological Determinants of Radiographic Breast Cancer Risk Factors Brad Keller
Michael Feldman
Predicting optic pathway glioma progression via advanced image analysis and machine learning Jared Pisapia
Michel Bilello
Neural and Motor Functional Changes in HIV and Stroke before and after Robot-Assisted Neurorehabilitation Michelle Johnson
Ragini Verma

Past Awardees:


  • Theodore D. Satterthwaite, Russell T. Shinohara
    "Flexible Nonlinear Modeling of Normal and Abnormal Neurodevelopment in Adolescence"
  • Danielle S. Bassett, James Gee
    "Linked Structure-Function Predictors of Frontotemporal Dementia Pathology"


  • Despina Kostos, Angela DiMichele
    "Quantitative Characterization of Spatio-temporal Tumor Heterogeneity via 4D Breast DCE-MRI Registration as a Biomarker of Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy"
  • Luke Macyszyn, Ragini Verma
    "Automated Tractography for Neuro-Oncology: Resolving the challenges of Edema, Mass Effect and Seed Placement"
  • Kathryn Davis, Paul Yushkevich
    "Hippocampal Subfield Volumetric and Functional Connectivity on 7T MRI: Potential Biomarkers in Medically Refractory Temporal Lobe"